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Mildew Help Guide

Facts about Downy Mildew

  • Downy Mildew is a fungal disease.  It affects only the Wallerina(standard and Double Impatiens) series of Impatiens.  New Guinea Impatiens and SunPatiens are highly tolerant of the disease. The disease is spread on windblown spores and direct contact.  Once in your soil or plant debris, it may live up to 8 years.

  • Our plants do not have downy mildew and we closely watch them for any signs of the disease.  This does not mean your plant will not get the disease as the summer progresses.



  • Watch for yellowing, stunted growth, and loss of flowers. Eventually the leaves fall off leaving only stems.  Downy white growth on the underside of the leaf confirms the disease. If your Impatiens become infected, there is no cure.  Please bag up the plants and throw them away. Do not compost, or bring to any greenhouse or garden center as this can spread the disease. 

  • If you had downy mildew on your Impatiens last year, do not plant Wallerina Impatiens in the same bed for several years.


What Can I Do

  • To prevent downy mildew, a fungicide regiment should be used.

  • Planting Impatiens in hanging baskets and patio containers will help reduce your risk of infection.

  • Plant alternative flowers.  Examples are Begonias, Coleus, Hypoestes, New Guinea Impatiens, SunPatiens, Torenia and many more.

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