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Tomato Help Guide

  • What do the extra letters on the label mean?  The letters represent what diseases this tomato variety is resistant to: verticillium wilt (V), fusarium wilt (F), nematodes (N), alternaria stem canker (ASC), tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), stemphylium (St), tomato spotted wilt virus (SWV), late blight (LB).


  • How deep should I plant my tomatoes?  DEEP!  Plant your tomato so that only 1/3 of it is above the soil line.  Roots will develop along the buried stem helping your tomato grow stronger than it otherwise would.


  • What causes the black stuff on the bottom of my tomatoes?  What you are describing is bloom end rot, and it is caused by a calcium deficiency.  To prevent bloom end rot, work in fast-acting lime or broken up egg shells into your soil.  Remember, if you let your tomatoes get too dry, they will be unable to bring up the calcium they need from the soil.


  • What does determinate mean?  Determinate tomatoes grow to a specific heights and then stop.  The majority of the fruit will mature within a one month window. Ideal for canning and saucing.


  • What does indeterminate mean? Indeterminate tomatoes grow continuously throughout the season.  Fruit will be produced all summer long. Ideal for sandwiches and salads all summer long.  Indeterminate will require the most staking / support.


Determinate Varieties:





Indeterminate Varieties:

Big Beef

Big Boy

Big Mama

Early Girl

Husky Red


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